How to Use YouTube to Boost Your SEO

You have been posting a few videos on Youtube but you never got more than a few hundred views at most? You know YouTube is a great tool for your brand but you are not sure how to maximize your chance to hit it big?

Here we will give a few tips to uncover YouTube SEO secrets and viewership:

1. Add Captions to Your YouTube Video

  • Always add subtitles to your videos.
  • To add subtitles it is easier to use the English automatic setting of YouTube available in the subtitle section.
  • YouTube often misspells words with the automatic setting, so remember to read over each subtitle and make sure they are translated correctly.. 
  • Try to keep the subtitles on one line only per sequence. 
  • Set the timing for your subtitles. 
  • YouTube sets the subtitle timing for you but often the timing is off compared to the voice over, so adjust it manually. 
  • Add different languages (as many as you can) to increase your viewership by allowing other audiences to view it. 
  • You have to translate your video manually or download your translation. 


2- Identify Your Keywords

  • Where should you add your keywords? On your video title, description and tags.
  • To boost your SEO, you first need to target the right keywords and for this we highly recommend you use the keyword planner tool available on Google Ad Words.
  • With the keyword planner tool you can target keywords that are highly searched and have a low competition. 
  • List keywords that apply to your video and use them in the title, description, tags. 
  • Use your keywords in the subtitles but early on in the video.
  • To find relevant keywords you can also do a regular search on Google and find google top searches. 
  • In your video description you must add links to all of your social media accounts. Also, add your translation if any or your video subtitles. 


3- Tags for YouTube

  • Tags are very important to get more views on your videos! 
  • VidIQ is the most helpful tool to get views on your video. Use VidIQ for insights on your video and tags to use. Click here  
  • Use the free version of VidIQ.
  • Find YouTube videos that are similar to yours (with similar titles and genre) and have the most views.
  • Look at those videos insights and tags via VidIQ.
  • Copy and paste the tags of one video that is the most similar to yours into your video via VidIQ.
  • Only use targeted tags that apply to your video as well. 
  • Add the tags in order of importance. 


4- Call to Action (CTA) and Thumbnails

  • Add a call to action to your video.
  • Use the headline and display URL to add a direct link to your website. 
  • Go to 'annotations' then 'note' to add organic messages or links to your product. 
  • Go to 'cards' and use them to promote other related videos, a Youtube channel or a poll. 
  • Most viewers are going to click on your video because you thumbnail was appealing. 
  • Add an awesome video thumbnail. Your thumbnail does not have to match exactly your video content, so just find an intriguing and captivating image to use. 


Remember, always publish your videos on YouTube the same time and day for your viewers to have your videos on a schedule and this will create consistency for your brand.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or need help with your video production or your YouTube promotion contact us today!