How to Launch A Social Media Holiday Campaign

It is a known fact that people feel more giving during holiday seasons; 30% of donations occur during Christmas holidays. So holidays are the perfect time to launch a nonprofit marketing campaign such as Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Black History Month and St Patrick's day. 


We have lined 8 marketing strategies to launch the perfect holiday campaign: 

1- Your Goal

Whether your goal is to increase donations, find new donors, recruit volunteers or spread the word out about your nonprofit social media is the best tool to raise awareness for your cause and establish your brand. 

No matter how you look at it social media should always be your next move; for instance, you are writing a blog post or hiring new employes use social media to gain and maintain donors on everything you do. And the holidays is the best time to do so!

It is always a good idea to have one goal for your holiday campaign such as donations so you can implement your strategies quickly. 


2- Campaign Name

In a campaign you should always reflect a sense of urgency and let people know it is an exclusive offer, so choose your campaign name accordingly. There are a lot of possibilities for campaign names you can use hashtags, a descriptive name mentioning the holiday season or your company name. You can also use specific names to help your audience know what they can donate. 


3- Time Frame

You should start your holiday campaign 4 to 6 weeks before the actual holiday. Usually you should decide on when to launch a campaign related to the length of your sales funnel. 


4- Schedule

Always keep everything on a schedule! Make a social media strategy plan and stick to it your entire campaign. All of your fundraising efforts should be included in your plan and in your schedule. Write down what should be published daily; even if you are running the social media campaign alone a schedule would help you keep the flow and intensity going.

Each stage of your campaign is just as equally important whether you are planning your soft, hard launch or mid campaign you can never slow down. From your soft launch on people should keep your nonprofit in mind when comparing possibilities and nonprofits to donate to, so get a strong start. 


5- Get People to Convert

Keep in mind everything you do or ask from people should be easy access to them and do not take much effort to accomplish. For instance, if your goal is donations make it 1 to 2 clicks to get to the donation page and keep everything under 3 clicks. If not, you are going to loose conversion and customers. 


6- Get the Word Out

To get the word out and let people know you are on board with the holidays it starts with simple things such as changing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile pictures and sliders. Then don't forget to update your status to the top of your social media page, so users are aware what you are doing for the holidays in one post. 

You should work on your campaign guidelines meaning your editorial style for all graphics and all social media efforts such as filters, fonts, colors and style. Also, establish your campaign tone, which is the writing style you will employ for all posts and articles.

As a nonprofit you may have limited resources, so find ways to make your design stand out in a simple way and consider each social media distinctively for their own features and integrate your guidelines regarding to their specificities. For instance, Pinterest uses vertical images, Instagram square images, so display the perfect dimensions for all social networks.


7- Tracking and Measuring Results

Tracking and measuring results is critical to guarantee your campaign success. If you are aware of what you doing right or wrong then you can improve your campaign on the go. For Facebook and Twitter install the pixels on your website to track visitors and use it for remarketing or conversion tracking. This tool is particularly useful to create future advertising campaigns on social media.

Google Analytics is another great analytic tool to install to get an idea of how people are making use of your website. Always keep track of your metrics on your website; during a campaign you should spend at least a couple minutes a day to report and measure your data. This goes also for all social media such as Facebook or Pinterest analytics. Then you can always adapt your strategy during your campaign; for instance, if you see a particular topic or graphic being shared or liked more than others change your social media approach along these lines. 


8- Campaign Results

It is critical to share the results after your campaign. First of all, it helps build credibility and authority as a nonprofit when your donors or audience know you have been successful and achieved your goal. In the case that you did not achieve your goals, try to be brief and do not get into details but turn your results around your volunteers or social media success. 

Sharing your results after your campaign will reassure your donors and keep them on track for your future campaign. In your results show photos, messages, amounts people donated, the new volunteers or all that is an addition to what you already have to engage your followers. 


For your holiday campaign let the holiday spirit guide you. Choose your campaign name related to your goal, start your campaign on time and be on a strict schedule for your social media. Make it easy for people to be involved, get the word out as much as you can and track results accurately. Once your campaign is over publish your results. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or if you are having issues setting up your social media strategies or launching your holiday campaign contact us today or learn more about us here


7 Apps to Create Amazing Content on Instagram

You have been using Instagram perhaps for years, you know all the tricks and tips but still you wonder how you could do more with the app and increase your website traffic?

We lined up 7 apps to create amazing content on Instagram:


1- Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse comes from Instagram and allows you to create amazing videos! For all iOS owners it has amazing features to create time lapse videos even on your iPad or iPod. With time lapse you can choose images from your phone taken over a period of time or shoot them as you go. It is a very simple photography process and the results are amazing! A must try!


2- Later

Later allows iOS owners to schedule their posts on Instagram using an iPhone or iPod. It supports multiple accounts, which would work very well for agencies or business owners. You can access it easily from your mobile and it will send push notifications to notify you your post was sent.  


3- Afterlight

Afterlight is the best photo filter application you can find in the app store and will make your Instagram pictures even better. This app has very impressive filters, textures, adjustments and photo editing tools with 74 filters to apply that will give a wild range of effects to a picture. Afterlight also has 128 adjustable frames to add to your image. It is a very easy app to use before sending your creation out to Instagram.


4- Quick

Quick is a free app for iPhone and iPod and features stylistic text to add to your pictures in a fast manner. The text is very well designed with a range of free fonts to suit a large number of scenarios, which would work very well for companies or marketing services. 


5- Yakik

For all iOS users, you can now create parodies and have fun orchestrating goofy videos for Instagram. Yakik allows you to take photos and create animated videos from them. With this app you can also record voiceover and add them to someone's mouth, which is a really cool and fun feature. 


Pixelmator (IOS)

This app is built for IOS and let's you do just about anything with pictures. You can touch up, enhance or paint. It is definitely one of the best editor app on the market. It is also a great tool for mobile designer and it works on Mac as well. A very powerful app to try and design beautiful pictures for your Instagram business account. 



If you are looking for an app to correct portraits and reveal everyone in their best day Facetune is the right app for you! Facetune corrects any portraits and add an artistic touch to it and works great also on selfies. If you often share pictures of your employees or volunteers this app is a must have!

For Instagram do not be afraid to always push creativity and try a different app that would suit one particular scenario the best and switch it up!

Thank you for reading our article on 7 apps to create amazing content on Instagram if you need help with your social media strategy and content creation contact us!

4 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a major component to any fundraising campaign and your number of followers can directly influence your donations and donor base but getting a high engagement on Twitter takes a lot of work. You have had your nonprofit Twitter account for a while but you are not sure how to increase your followers? You try to retweet and post regularly but it is not working? 

We have lined 5 tips to boost your engagement and increase your amount of Twitter followers: 


1. Twitter Posting Strategy

On Twitter, you should be as open as you possibly can with your industry. To extend your brand you need to be known so start interacting with your industry leaders!  So begin your twitter takeover by a great posting strategy. First, ask questions to your leaders on various topics on a weekly basis, thank people for sharing your tweets and retweet 3 posts daily. Finally, hashtags are really important you need to find hashtags that are 'hot' within your industry and use them for each posts, it is also how you are going to find leaders in your industry. 


2. Twitter Following Strategy

Getting noticed on Twitter starts by a good following strategy. First, you need to follow relevant users daily. How? Look at leaders in your industry and who they follow is often a great way to start gaining an audience. Then, look at who follows you and pick relevant followers and users who are retweeting your posts. Then you should look at your competitors followers list and simply follow them! Finally, do some clean up! Once a month, keep up with quiet and inactive followers and unfollow them. 


3. Twitter Observation Strategy

Observation on twitter is key whether you are getting started or already established as a leader. Find and understand your influencers in the industry. Establish a list of your 10 main competitors, how can you do so? To build an accurate list help yourself with tools on and off Twitter. Look at your industry magazines, books, articles and who have been established as an industry leader. You do not know where to start? Use SocialBro it is an amazing tool, which lets you find influencers in your industry easily by their numbers of followers. Use this tool to get started with your following strategy!


4. Twitter Tone

You should always use hashtags on posts to establish a Twitter tone and tweet with images or videos as much as possible. To rank your twitter account understand that your followers should increase by 5% monthly and your website by 10% based on your Twitter interactions. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to boost your Twitter followers if you need help to increase your nonprofit engagement and followers on twitter and social media contact us today




7 Amazing Tools to Manage Your Social Media

As a nonprofit or business owner you have to be posting daily on all social media platforms and often depending on your number of followers more than once on each platforms daily and it can get overwhelming. Are you having issues managing all of your social media accounts at once? Now, there are awesome software to help you monitor and update all of your social media accounts. 

Here are the top 7 softwares you should give a try in 2016:

1. Buffer

Buffer may be the most popular social media scheduling and sharing app. It is a better way to share on social media for marketers and agencies. In a click you can share posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google +. Buffer allows you to fill your social media accounts with all day updates and schedule ahead of time.

Price: $10 fee monthly to use up to 1o social profiles and as many posts as you like. 


2. HootSuite

Hootsuite is the most popular social management tool. It offers tools to examine your engagement, understand what your audience is saying about your brand, get analytics, collaborate with your team on projects and it is a very secure software. You can create campaigns across multiple social networks, manage social media, track conversations, schedule posts and measure your results.  

Price: There is a free option and a pro for $9.99 per month.


3. Spreadfast

Spreadfast transforms the way you connect with fans and consumers. With Spreadfast you can integrate social into your content strategy, build awareness, drive conversions and increase engagement. Spreadfast measures data from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. You can track your audience and see where they stand. Spreadfast is also a good tool for content scheduling and other useful tools. 


4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social can manage posts, monitor and analyze multiple social media accounts. Sprout Social is good for social media management, social customer service, social media marketing and agencies. You can schedule posts, reply and monitor messages across Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin personal profiles on a streaming inbox.  With Sprout Social you can visualize important metrics through their analytic program. 

Price: 3 packages from $59, $99 to $500 per month. It is more costly than most softwares but a great investment. 


5. SocialFlow

SocialFlow uses actionable data to understand when target audiences are active and what they are engaging with to ensure messages reach the largest possible audience. Social Flow uses an unique algorithm into Facebook and Twitter to share your content on social media. Indeed, SocialFlow schedules your posts to be send out at the optimum time based on three factors, the relevance of your message, your audience and the time frame. 

Price: The first plan begins at $99 per month.


6. Bitly

Bitly shortens links on social media and optimizes links across all devices and channels. You can track individual link analytic and gather audience intelligence and measure campaign performance. It offers bookmarking on your favorites sites and track click. Bitly works on many platforms as Facebook and Twitter. 

Price: Free


7. Everypost

Everypost is an all-in-one publishing solution to share multimedia content across social platforms. You can curate visual content from sources and schedule posts. With Everypost you can post updates on all social media at once, you can write your text, add photos and hashtags then send it to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr or by email. Everypost automatically shortens your tweets. 

Price: Free or pro for $9.99 per month


Take time to find out the best social media tool that works for you and your business. You should try multiple softwares at once during your free trial and compare your social media results from one to the next before choosing the one for your business. 

Thank you for reading our article on 7 amazing tools to manage your social media accounts. If you need help with your social media management and strategy contact us today.

7 Tools to Make Awesome Images For Your Social Media

To use and take advantage of all social media awesome features you first need to create amazing images and infographics, so your audience will click and read your posts!

Here we lined up 7 apps easy to use to create amazing pins!

1- PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a very popular photo editor tool. PicMonkey is very easy to use and it includes all features you need as cropping, resizing, borders and great shapes! You can also use the collage tool with PicMonkey.

Overall, it is one of the best tool to create amazing pictures for all social media! You can also select the quality option of your photo. 





2- Easelly

Easelly is one of the most popular tool to create infographics on social media. No matter if you have personal or business accounts you need to have amazing infographics to share. Easelly is also the app that works best on Pinterest and is very sharable!

Easelly has a lot of templates you can choose from and you can create infographics very easily.

3- Studio Design

Studio Design is our personal favorite free application for photo editing. Studio Design offers everything to make amazing pictures on all social media such as filters, shapes, frames, textures, doodles and a lot of awesome others.

We also love their text on images feature with text crops; this app is all in one and a must try!

4- Someecards

Surely, you have seen these Someecards around! They are very popular and work very well on all social media. They are especially good for business owners to introduce and share their company spirit and mission.

Try to always keep your Someecards funny and creative and add your logo on it.


5- Pinwords

If you are looking for an app to add beautiful text to images, Pinwords is it. It is very easy to use, you can add titles, photo locations and subtitles instantly and share it on all platforms!

6- Pinstamatic 

Pinstamatic is the Pinterest tool! With this app you can create great pins in a few minutes and you do not need any editing tools. Our favorite feature is the website and social media screenshot tool where Pinstamatic produces a very nice infographic type pin from you url.

With Pinstamatic you can also produce quotes, sticky notes, calendar dates, locations and images on a pin. It is a very cool app and definitely a must try!



Piktochart is an amazing tool to create top of the line infographics for your blog and social media without a graphic designer. You get access to over 500 professionally designed templates, banners, reports and presentation formats. Choose within a wide variety of fonts, charts and special icons. 

It is very easy to use, you only drag-and-drop elements on the templates and you end up with awesome printable infographic. Piktochart is free to sign up then cost from $15 to $29 a month depending on features. 


Thank you for reading! If you have any issues managing your social media or creating amazing content contact us today.

Get Started With Snapchat, Pinterest and Google +

Let's start with Pinterest, Google + and Snapchat. Do you have an account with all three social media? If not create two right now one for yourself and one for your business on each platform. 

Here we will give you tips on how to get started with all 3 social media:

1- Pinterest Strategy

  1. Did you know? Pinterest drives more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +.  
  2. Always create great content in your pins. First, a great pin starts by a great image that will make users click and read your posts, so focus on the image creation.
  3. Make pins that solve problems, inspire and are appealing to your category.  
  4. Add a "pin it" to your articles, website, images and anywhere you can think of to attract your audience to pin it. Although, if your brand does not fit into Pinterest do not add a "pin it" to your website.
  5. Follow your industry pins and follow influencers in your industry on Pinterest. 
  6. Search for Pinterest users who are pinning in your industry, your brand and with similar keywords. 
  7. Pin daily from your own website, blog and from Pinterest. 

If you follow these steps you will get followers fast that are influential to grow you brand.

  1. With Snapchat the goal is clear: have fun and be creative as much as you can!
  2. Always add a caption to your snaps so your followers can easily relate and understand your message. 
  3. Send your snap individually to your followers is very important to build a relationship with them. 
  4. Always reply when your followers send you snaps. 
  5. Build a genuine communication with your followers. 
  6. Snapchat is also the best social media to launch special offers and coupons, so send them individually to your consumers. 
  7. Always think of a way to involve your followers into your team spirit and what is going on in your company, so post snaps of your employees at the office or having lunch, etc...
  8. Hold contests such as contests for best snaps.
  9. Snapchat humanizes your business so start incorporating your business mission and values in an interactive way
  10. As always think of your target audience and strategy when you use snapchat.
  11. Snapchat has a young audience, so see it as a way to build your brand awareness.
  1. Google + is more of a professional network. Brands usually add each other on Google + so search for brands in your industry and start adding!
  2. Also, add people into your circles, friends, former colleagues and employees, which will allow you to get in front of your audience.
  3. The video chat feature is a great way to engage your audience into a video workshop, lesson, conference or event.
  4. Engage your followers in targeted discussions or your focus groups on a specific topic. For instance, create an event for a product or service demonstration or host a monthly hangout with your circles about current industry trends.
  5. Use hangout to collect information about your audience such as their email addresses for email marketing or surveys about their preferences on a product.
  6. Google + is also great to find and partner with influencers in your industry. You can find authors who wrote about your industry and invite them to a video chat to discuss their book or a topic with your circles. You goal is to enlarge your amount of followers and to share listings with other influencers. 
  7. Remember, once a user is added to your circle on Google + all of your posts show up on their Google search, which is great for ranking!



To sum up, you should treat each social network individually and respect their own features, so do not try to make common posts or mix your strategy. Instead, think of what are their target audience, how can I make my posts more appealing on this particular network and what is going to benefit my brand the most.


Thank you for reading, if you are having issues setting up your social media accounts contact us today and we will help develop a strategy, daily posts on all platforms and reach your daily goals.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Earn Links

You have been using social media but is has not got you any links? You are aware that sourcing and sending links to websites may earn you links back but it has not really worked so far?

Here is 4 steps to use social media to get you links:

1- Interactions That Earn Links

First, it is a simple step you should interact with your audience and your costumers online as much as you can! Interact with them early and often on all social platforms. Then, always add your website to the conversations you are having. It is always good to offer help to potential customers without being asked for it such on Facebook groups, on Twitter or forums where a particular issue related to your business services is been discussed. 


2- Search For Link Likely Targets

There are numerous links apps out there that can help you target appropriate links to include in your social media. Although, you should be cautious with external links softwares as many will promote links that are negative or spams. A very good software for links and mentions is  Fresh Web Explorer  . Also, it is important to be looking at ways to increase your followers and get some analytics on your social media such as Followerwonk for Twitter.  


3- Content Marketing

To earn links on social media you should post content that will capture your target audience attention and that they will want to be sharing back. This step sounds simple but finding content that works for your audience requires a lot of testing and study. Thankfully you can help yourself with softwares that are made to help you manage your social accounts. For this, please refer yourself to our previous blog post 5 ways to manage your social media accounts


4- Engagement

Earning links is not difficult, you just have to maintain a high engagement and interactions on social media. Always look for a way to increase your number of followers and your community when posting. If you follow all the previous steps impactful links will follow!


If you need more information on how to earn links reach out to us!

How to Use Photo and Video Content

Visual content is the most personal and best way to interact and gain followers. You may be wondering what are the advantages of using visual content in posts, website, blog and others? Why should you invest time in building a visual strategy?

Here are 4 mains reasons why you should use visual content EVERY TIME in your content marketing to promote your brand:

1- Why Should  You Use Visual Content?

  1. Personality: Visual content represents your brand personality.
  2. Shareable: Visual content is the most sharable amongst all media by your audience.
  3. Multi-sensory communication: Easily rememberable content.
  4. Syndication
  5. Novelty
  6. SEO: Visual content increase your rank on Google Search.


2- Optimizing Your Videos

  1. Quality matters: Remember prioritize quality over quantity when doing a video or your brand image will suffer.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are critical when producing videos; make sure to properly research your keywords on Google Search and in the keyword planner and build your videos around them. 
  3. Keywords location: Where and when your keywords are placed in a video is extremely important. Use them early in your video within titles, descriptions and in your name file. You can verbally pronounce the keywords, so they appear in the video transcript. Also, to help yourself target the right keywords start by writing a script with your keywords in the early stage.


3- Integrating Images in Content Strategy

  1. Show your product: If you are showcasing a product, show someone using this product. 
  2. Message: Help people visualize and understand the message clearly.
  3. Branding: Increase your brand awareness by integrating your logo and watermark. 
  4. Have fun: Do not forget to show your company spirit with pictures from events, company party, etc...


4- Promote Your Images Effectively

  1. Share quality photos
  2. Be timely: Share your photos as they happen, do not wait!
  3. Share group photos: Promote your team.
  4. Tag key people
  5. Always use watermark


If you have any questions on the use of visual contents or need help with your own, contact us today!

Thank you for reading!