4 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a major component to any fundraising campaign and your number of followers can directly influence your donations and donor base but getting a high engagement on Twitter takes a lot of work. You have had your nonprofit Twitter account for a while but you are not sure how to increase your followers? You try to retweet and post regularly but it is not working? 

We have lined 5 tips to boost your engagement and increase your amount of Twitter followers: 


1. Twitter Posting Strategy

On Twitter, you should be as open as you possibly can with your industry. To extend your brand you need to be known so start interacting with your industry leaders!  So begin your twitter takeover by a great posting strategy. First, ask questions to your leaders on various topics on a weekly basis, thank people for sharing your tweets and retweet 3 posts daily. Finally, hashtags are really important you need to find hashtags that are 'hot' within your industry and use them for each posts, it is also how you are going to find leaders in your industry. 


2. Twitter Following Strategy

Getting noticed on Twitter starts by a good following strategy. First, you need to follow relevant users daily. How? Look at leaders in your industry and who they follow is often a great way to start gaining an audience. Then, look at who follows you and pick relevant followers and users who are retweeting your posts. Then you should look at your competitors followers list and simply follow them! Finally, do some clean up! Once a month, keep up with quiet and inactive followers and unfollow them. 


3. Twitter Observation Strategy

Observation on twitter is key whether you are getting started or already established as a leader. Find and understand your influencers in the industry. Establish a list of your 10 main competitors, how can you do so? To build an accurate list help yourself with tools on and off Twitter. Look at your industry magazines, books, articles and who have been established as an industry leader. You do not know where to start? Use SocialBro it is an amazing tool, which lets you find influencers in your industry easily by their numbers of followers. Use this tool to get started with your following strategy!


4. Twitter Tone

You should always use hashtags on posts to establish a Twitter tone and tweet with images or videos as much as possible. To rank your twitter account understand that your followers should increase by 5% monthly and your website by 10% based on your Twitter interactions. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to boost your Twitter followers if you need help to increase your nonprofit engagement and followers on twitter and social media contact us today