7 Amazing Tools to Manage Your Social Media

As a nonprofit or business owner you have to be posting daily on all social media platforms and often depending on your number of followers more than once on each platforms daily and it can get overwhelming. Are you having issues managing all of your social media accounts at once? Now, there are awesome software to help you monitor and update all of your social media accounts. 

Here are the top 7 softwares you should give a try in 2016:

1. Buffer

Buffer may be the most popular social media scheduling and sharing app. It is a better way to share on social media for marketers and agencies. In a click you can share posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google +. Buffer allows you to fill your social media accounts with all day updates and schedule ahead of time.

Price: $10 fee monthly to use up to 1o social profiles and as many posts as you like. 


2. HootSuite

Hootsuite is the most popular social management tool. It offers tools to examine your engagement, understand what your audience is saying about your brand, get analytics, collaborate with your team on projects and it is a very secure software. You can create campaigns across multiple social networks, manage social media, track conversations, schedule posts and measure your results.  

Price: There is a free option and a pro for $9.99 per month.


3. Spreadfast

Spreadfast transforms the way you connect with fans and consumers. With Spreadfast you can integrate social into your content strategy, build awareness, drive conversions and increase engagement. Spreadfast measures data from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. You can track your audience and see where they stand. Spreadfast is also a good tool for content scheduling and other useful tools. 


4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social can manage posts, monitor and analyze multiple social media accounts. Sprout Social is good for social media management, social customer service, social media marketing and agencies. You can schedule posts, reply and monitor messages across Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin personal profiles on a streaming inbox.  With Sprout Social you can visualize important metrics through their analytic program. 

Price: 3 packages from $59, $99 to $500 per month. It is more costly than most softwares but a great investment. 


5. SocialFlow

SocialFlow uses actionable data to understand when target audiences are active and what they are engaging with to ensure messages reach the largest possible audience. Social Flow uses an unique algorithm into Facebook and Twitter to share your content on social media. Indeed, SocialFlow schedules your posts to be send out at the optimum time based on three factors, the relevance of your message, your audience and the time frame. 

Price: The first plan begins at $99 per month.


6. Bitly

Bitly shortens links on social media and optimizes links across all devices and channels. You can track individual link analytic and gather audience intelligence and measure campaign performance. It offers bookmarking on your favorites sites and track click. Bitly works on many platforms as Facebook and Twitter. 

Price: Free


7. Everypost

Everypost is an all-in-one publishing solution to share multimedia content across social platforms. You can curate visual content from sources and schedule posts. With Everypost you can post updates on all social media at once, you can write your text, add photos and hashtags then send it to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr or by email. Everypost automatically shortens your tweets. 

Price: Free or pro for $9.99 per month


Take time to find out the best social media tool that works for you and your business. You should try multiple softwares at once during your free trial and compare your social media results from one to the next before choosing the one for your business. 

Thank you for reading our article on 7 amazing tools to manage your social media accounts. If you need help with your social media management and strategy contact us today.