7 Apps to Create Amazing Content on Instagram

You have been using Instagram perhaps for years, you know all the tricks and tips but still you wonder how you could do more with the app and increase your website traffic?

We lined up 7 apps to create amazing content on Instagram:


1- Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse comes from Instagram and allows you to create amazing videos! For all iOS owners it has amazing features to create time lapse videos even on your iPad or iPod. With time lapse you can choose images from your phone taken over a period of time or shoot them as you go. It is a very simple photography process and the results are amazing! A must try!


2- Later

Later allows iOS owners to schedule their posts on Instagram using an iPhone or iPod. It supports multiple accounts, which would work very well for agencies or business owners. You can access it easily from your mobile and it will send push notifications to notify you your post was sent.  


3- Afterlight

Afterlight is the best photo filter application you can find in the app store and will make your Instagram pictures even better. This app has very impressive filters, textures, adjustments and photo editing tools with 74 filters to apply that will give a wild range of effects to a picture. Afterlight also has 128 adjustable frames to add to your image. It is a very easy app to use before sending your creation out to Instagram.


4- Quick

Quick is a free app for iPhone and iPod and features stylistic text to add to your pictures in a fast manner. The text is very well designed with a range of free fonts to suit a large number of scenarios, which would work very well for companies or marketing services. 


5- Yakik

For all iOS users, you can now create parodies and have fun orchestrating goofy videos for Instagram. Yakik allows you to take photos and create animated videos from them. With this app you can also record voiceover and add them to someone's mouth, which is a really cool and fun feature. 


Pixelmator (IOS)

This app is built for IOS and let's you do just about anything with pictures. You can touch up, enhance or paint. It is definitely one of the best editor app on the market. It is also a great tool for mobile designer and it works on Mac as well. A very powerful app to try and design beautiful pictures for your Instagram business account. 



If you are looking for an app to correct portraits and reveal everyone in their best day Facetune is the right app for you! Facetune corrects any portraits and add an artistic touch to it and works great also on selfies. If you often share pictures of your employees or volunteers this app is a must have!

For Instagram do not be afraid to always push creativity and try a different app that would suit one particular scenario the best and switch it up!

Thank you for reading our article on 7 apps to create amazing content on Instagram if you need help with your social media strategy and content creation contact us!