How to Launch A Social Media Holiday Campaign

It is a known fact that people feel more giving during holiday seasons; 30% of donations occur during Christmas holidays. So holidays are the perfect time to launch a nonprofit marketing campaign such as Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Black History Month and St Patrick's day. 


We have lined 8 marketing strategies to launch the perfect holiday campaign: 

1- Your Goal

Whether your goal is to increase donations, find new donors, recruit volunteers or spread the word out about your nonprofit social media is the best tool to raise awareness for your cause and establish your brand. 

No matter how you look at it social media should always be your next move; for instance, you are writing a blog post or hiring new employes use social media to gain and maintain donors on everything you do. And the holidays is the best time to do so!

It is always a good idea to have one goal for your holiday campaign such as donations so you can implement your strategies quickly. 


2- Campaign Name

In a campaign you should always reflect a sense of urgency and let people know it is an exclusive offer, so choose your campaign name accordingly. There are a lot of possibilities for campaign names you can use hashtags, a descriptive name mentioning the holiday season or your company name. You can also use specific names to help your audience know what they can donate. 


3- Time Frame

You should start your holiday campaign 4 to 6 weeks before the actual holiday. Usually you should decide on when to launch a campaign related to the length of your sales funnel. 


4- Schedule

Always keep everything on a schedule! Make a social media strategy plan and stick to it your entire campaign. All of your fundraising efforts should be included in your plan and in your schedule. Write down what should be published daily; even if you are running the social media campaign alone a schedule would help you keep the flow and intensity going.

Each stage of your campaign is just as equally important whether you are planning your soft, hard launch or mid campaign you can never slow down. From your soft launch on people should keep your nonprofit in mind when comparing possibilities and nonprofits to donate to, so get a strong start. 


5- Get People to Convert

Keep in mind everything you do or ask from people should be easy access to them and do not take much effort to accomplish. For instance, if your goal is donations make it 1 to 2 clicks to get to the donation page and keep everything under 3 clicks. If not, you are going to loose conversion and customers. 


6- Get the Word Out

To get the word out and let people know you are on board with the holidays it starts with simple things such as changing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile pictures and sliders. Then don't forget to update your status to the top of your social media page, so users are aware what you are doing for the holidays in one post. 

You should work on your campaign guidelines meaning your editorial style for all graphics and all social media efforts such as filters, fonts, colors and style. Also, establish your campaign tone, which is the writing style you will employ for all posts and articles.

As a nonprofit you may have limited resources, so find ways to make your design stand out in a simple way and consider each social media distinctively for their own features and integrate your guidelines regarding to their specificities. For instance, Pinterest uses vertical images, Instagram square images, so display the perfect dimensions for all social networks.


7- Tracking and Measuring Results

Tracking and measuring results is critical to guarantee your campaign success. If you are aware of what you doing right or wrong then you can improve your campaign on the go. For Facebook and Twitter install the pixels on your website to track visitors and use it for remarketing or conversion tracking. This tool is particularly useful to create future advertising campaigns on social media.

Google Analytics is another great analytic tool to install to get an idea of how people are making use of your website. Always keep track of your metrics on your website; during a campaign you should spend at least a couple minutes a day to report and measure your data. This goes also for all social media such as Facebook or Pinterest analytics. Then you can always adapt your strategy during your campaign; for instance, if you see a particular topic or graphic being shared or liked more than others change your social media approach along these lines. 


8- Campaign Results

It is critical to share the results after your campaign. First of all, it helps build credibility and authority as a nonprofit when your donors or audience know you have been successful and achieved your goal. In the case that you did not achieve your goals, try to be brief and do not get into details but turn your results around your volunteers or social media success. 

Sharing your results after your campaign will reassure your donors and keep them on track for your future campaign. In your results show photos, messages, amounts people donated, the new volunteers or all that is an addition to what you already have to engage your followers. 


For your holiday campaign let the holiday spirit guide you. Choose your campaign name related to your goal, start your campaign on time and be on a strict schedule for your social media. Make it easy for people to be involved, get the word out as much as you can and track results accurately. Once your campaign is over publish your results. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or if you are having issues setting up your social media strategies or launching your holiday campaign contact us today or learn more about us here