Get Started With Snapchat, Pinterest and Google +

Let's start with Pinterest, Google + and Snapchat. Do you have an account with all three social media? If not create two right now one for yourself and one for your business on each platform. 

Here we will give you tips on how to get started with all 3 social media:

1- Pinterest Strategy

  1. Did you know? Pinterest drives more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +.  
  2. Always create great content in your pins. First, a great pin starts by a great image that will make users click and read your posts, so focus on the image creation.
  3. Make pins that solve problems, inspire and are appealing to your category.  
  4. Add a "pin it" to your articles, website, images and anywhere you can think of to attract your audience to pin it. Although, if your brand does not fit into Pinterest do not add a "pin it" to your website.
  5. Follow your industry pins and follow influencers in your industry on Pinterest. 
  6. Search for Pinterest users who are pinning in your industry, your brand and with similar keywords. 
  7. Pin daily from your own website, blog and from Pinterest. 

If you follow these steps you will get followers fast that are influential to grow you brand.

  1. With Snapchat the goal is clear: have fun and be creative as much as you can!
  2. Always add a caption to your snaps so your followers can easily relate and understand your message. 
  3. Send your snap individually to your followers is very important to build a relationship with them. 
  4. Always reply when your followers send you snaps. 
  5. Build a genuine communication with your followers. 
  6. Snapchat is also the best social media to launch special offers and coupons, so send them individually to your consumers. 
  7. Always think of a way to involve your followers into your team spirit and what is going on in your company, so post snaps of your employees at the office or having lunch, etc...
  8. Hold contests such as contests for best snaps.
  9. Snapchat humanizes your business so start incorporating your business mission and values in an interactive way
  10. As always think of your target audience and strategy when you use snapchat.
  11. Snapchat has a young audience, so see it as a way to build your brand awareness.
  1. Google + is more of a professional network. Brands usually add each other on Google + so search for brands in your industry and start adding!
  2. Also, add people into your circles, friends, former colleagues and employees, which will allow you to get in front of your audience.
  3. The video chat feature is a great way to engage your audience into a video workshop, lesson, conference or event.
  4. Engage your followers in targeted discussions or your focus groups on a specific topic. For instance, create an event for a product or service demonstration or host a monthly hangout with your circles about current industry trends.
  5. Use hangout to collect information about your audience such as their email addresses for email marketing or surveys about their preferences on a product.
  6. Google + is also great to find and partner with influencers in your industry. You can find authors who wrote about your industry and invite them to a video chat to discuss their book or a topic with your circles. You goal is to enlarge your amount of followers and to share listings with other influencers. 
  7. Remember, once a user is added to your circle on Google + all of your posts show up on their Google search, which is great for ranking!



To sum up, you should treat each social network individually and respect their own features, so do not try to make common posts or mix your strategy. Instead, think of what are their target audience, how can I make my posts more appealing on this particular network and what is going to benefit my brand the most.


Thank you for reading, if you are having issues setting up your social media accounts contact us today and we will help develop a strategy, daily posts on all platforms and reach your daily goals.