How to Use Photo and Video Content

Visual content is the most personal and best way to interact and gain followers. You may be wondering what are the advantages of using visual content in posts, website, blog and others? Why should you invest time in building a visual strategy?

Here are 4 mains reasons why you should use visual content EVERY TIME in your content marketing to promote your brand:

1- Why Should  You Use Visual Content?

  1. Personality: Visual content represents your brand personality.
  2. Shareable: Visual content is the most sharable amongst all media by your audience.
  3. Multi-sensory communication: Easily rememberable content.
  4. Syndication
  5. Novelty
  6. SEO: Visual content increase your rank on Google Search.


2- Optimizing Your Videos

  1. Quality matters: Remember prioritize quality over quantity when doing a video or your brand image will suffer.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are critical when producing videos; make sure to properly research your keywords on Google Search and in the keyword planner and build your videos around them. 
  3. Keywords location: Where and when your keywords are placed in a video is extremely important. Use them early in your video within titles, descriptions and in your name file. You can verbally pronounce the keywords, so they appear in the video transcript. Also, to help yourself target the right keywords start by writing a script with your keywords in the early stage.


3- Integrating Images in Content Strategy

  1. Show your product: If you are showcasing a product, show someone using this product. 
  2. Message: Help people visualize and understand the message clearly.
  3. Branding: Increase your brand awareness by integrating your logo and watermark. 
  4. Have fun: Do not forget to show your company spirit with pictures from events, company party, etc...


4- Promote Your Images Effectively

  1. Share quality photos
  2. Be timely: Share your photos as they happen, do not wait!
  3. Share group photos: Promote your team.
  4. Tag key people
  5. Always use watermark


If you have any questions on the use of visual contents or need help with your own, contact us today!

Thank you for reading!