6 Simple Tips to Optimize your Website

When building a website there are many important aspects you need to take into consideration to drag traffic to your website and increase your donations. If your website is not optimized your chance of reaching your fundraising goals is slim.

We have lined up 6 tips to follow and successfully optimize your website:

1- Getting started

To get started you need to have all of the following items: web hosting and support for web hosting if your website is down. As part of the user experience, your page load should be fast or your users will leave the page within 2 seconds. To optimize your page load should not have large pictures and heavy web pages. 


2- Content management system (CMS)

It is important that you have an easy access to your website back end, which will have an impact on your website analytics and user experience on your website. Website hosting softwares should have a choice of many different themes and also be extremely responsive on all devices such as mobile. You should be able to edit each themes and their main blocs very easily without having any developing skills. If a web hosting service requires more coding then go for one that is easier for you or hire a developer.  


3- Content Strategy

Your content strategy is the most important aspect of your marketing plan and branding strategy. Always think quality over quantity and always publish great quality content! You need to establish a style guide for all editorial content and know what your audience is looking for. Start by answering the following: 

  • What is your content objective? Are you trying to raise donations or do you want to talk about your website? Once you know adapt your content around it.
  • Understand your competitors and what type of content they use to reach to their audience.
  • Know your target audience: do personas, understand your buyer's journey, demographics, etc..
  • Which channels are you planning on using to distribute your content? Is it social media, blog?


4- SEO

Always think how can you drive more traffic to your website daily and how can you increase your number of monthly visitors by at least 10% each month. The more visitors you have the more conversions you will get, which give you tools to evaluate your audience and your conversion rate. You goal is to turn leads into customers, for this you need to manage your contact database and your lead reports accurately. 

Your SEO should be optimized on each website url, page title and meta description. When your SEO are optimized you will rank higher in search engines so you will be found easily by users looking for a company or nonprofit like yours. Your keywords should be your main priority; to get the right keywords use the keyword planner tool on Google AdWords, which will give you ideas on which keywords will work best for your landing page. 


5- Content marketing

As a nonprofit, your storytelling strategy should be your main priority. You should develop your content marketing based on your content strategy on a daily basis! It is one of the most effective ways to drag customers to your website and turn them into customers. Your content should always be engaging. 

  • Content types: be creative in your content, so make ebooks, webinar, podcasts and hang out videos. 
  • Content development: Focus your topics around your keywords. 
  • Calendar: Establish a schedule for your content, it helps your users follow your posts and you can analyze your content statistics easily. Always post regularly and on a consistent schedule. 
  • Guideline: set brand guideline and content guidelines for your posts on social media, blog and others. Set your voice and style, so your users can identify with your brand. 
  • Channels: know which channels you want to post your content on and optimize them. Create groups, build relationship with your audience, be transparent and establish trust as leader in your industry. This will get done by publishing great quality content. 


6- Analytics

Data analysis are what will get you closer to achieving your fundraising goals. Track and measure your website and content daily. You need to understand what works and does not. Once you understand what is working for you and your audience push it and use similar strategy throughout your marketing plan. You should use Google Analytics to get reports at least once a month on:

  • Page views
  • Referral 
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions


Thank you for reading our article on 6 tips to optimize your website. If you need help to build your website, landing pages or content marketing strategy contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and website development. 


10 Best Nonprofit Websites in 2016

We have combined a list of the 10 best nonprofit websites for 2016, take a look and get inspired!

Don't forget to take into consideration the following elements when building your website:

  • Responsiveness on all devices
  • Short navigation menu
  • Home page: provide all information for your readers at once without making them click.
  • Good photos and graphics on each page
  • Animated backgrounds but keep it simple
  • Clear infographics instead of texts


Here is our top 10 of this year's best so far:

1- Case Foundation

url: casefoundation.org


2- Conversation International

url: conservation.org/


3- Amnesty International

url: amnesty.org


4- Greenpeace USA

url: greenpeace.org/usa

5- Save the Rainforest

url: rainforest.arkivert.no/#kart


6- World Housing

url: worldhousing.ca/



7- Urisino

url: urisino.com/


8- Invisible Children

url:  invisiblechildren.com


9- One Campaign

url: one.org


10- Volunteers of America

url:  voa.org


Thank you reading! Take good notes of the examples above when building your website and remember it only takes a person 2.5 seconds to get an idea of your website and leave the page. You need to grab your audience attention right away!

On your home page make sure you clearly state: who you are, what you do, give statistics on donations and missions, your current mission, how it works, why people should join you and finally motivate to get involved or to donate. 

If you need help building an awesome website for your nonprofit contact us today. To learn more about us click here.


Source: https://topnonprofits.com/lists/best-nonprofit-websites/