10 Best Nonprofit Websites in 2016

We have combined a list of the 10 best nonprofit websites for 2016, take a look and get inspired!

Don't forget to take into consideration the following elements when building your website:

  • Responsiveness on all devices
  • Short navigation menu
  • Home page: provide all information for your readers at once without making them click.
  • Good photos and graphics on each page
  • Animated backgrounds but keep it simple
  • Clear infographics instead of texts


Here is our top 10 of this year's best so far:

1- Case Foundation

url: casefoundation.org


2- Conversation International

url: conservation.org/


3- Amnesty International

url: amnesty.org


4- Greenpeace USA

url: greenpeace.org/usa

5- Save the Rainforest

url: rainforest.arkivert.no/#kart


6- World Housing

url: worldhousing.ca/



7- Urisino

url: urisino.com/


8- Invisible Children

url:  invisiblechildren.com


9- One Campaign

url: one.org


10- Volunteers of America

url:  voa.org


Thank you reading! Take good notes of the examples above when building your website and remember it only takes a person 2.5 seconds to get an idea of your website and leave the page. You need to grab your audience attention right away!

On your home page make sure you clearly state: who you are, what you do, give statistics on donations and missions, your current mission, how it works, why people should join you and finally motivate to get involved or to donate. 

If you need help building an awesome website for your nonprofit contact us today. To learn more about us click here.


Source: https://topnonprofits.com/lists/best-nonprofit-websites/